Single Accommodation Package 2.200 TL
Double Accommodation Package 2.800 TL

2 nights bed + breakfast, hotel service is included in the accommodation package.

Physical Participation Registration Fee 1300 TL (LIMITED ATTANDANCE)
Physical Participation Faculty Member Registration Fee 1000 TL (LIMITED ATTANDANCE)
Online Registration Fee for Veterinarians 150 TL
Online Registration Fee for Faculty Members 130 TL
Online Registration Fee for Students 100 TL

Services Included in Case of Physical Participation
  • Participation to the symposium, access to meeting rooms and stand area.
  • E-Abstract book, pocket program, symposium bag, name badge, certificate of participation.
  • Two-day coffee break with cookies and lunch during the symposium

Services Included in the Package Price Specified in Online Participation
  • Online participation to the symposium, access to the online stand areas.
  • Downloading the online e-Abstract book, viewing the online program and online participation certificate.

18% VAT will be added to the above prices.